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Hand Tied Wefts

Are you on the fence about committing to extensions?

To make things easier, I suggest booking a consultation appointment. You can come in for 15-20 minutes and get all of your questions answered! I want you to feel comfortable and open, absolutely no judgment or pressure.

At the consultation we color match you, order hair if you choose to move forward, and book your install appointment! Better yet, want to know how to make your extensions last a full 8 months before investing in a new set?

It’s all about the hair care routine and it’s so much easier than you’d think…

1. ✨ Try shampooing your hair 2 days a week. Washing hair actually strips moisture and because these extensions aren’t getting the benefits of natural scalp oils, we want to keep them out of water more than in it!

2. ✨ When you do wash your hair, slather it up with a sulfate and paraben free, color safe shampoo. Lanza moisture shampoo is actually available here at the salon and with your first install service you get it at 20% off!

3. ✨ Sleep in a braid or loose bun. Sounds like it might feel weird, but it is actually super comfy and you wake up looking gorgeous and basically ready to go.

The goal is to keep the stress on your extensions to a minimum. This helps with longevity and integrity both of your natural hair and your extensions.

See you soon babe! Xx


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