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Being Your Best Self

Let’s talk about that. What does that kind of jargon really mean? How can you even know if you’re being your best self? How do I get there? Is it possible to be happy most, if not all, of the time? Yeah, dude. It totally is. There are approximately 1,598,484,584,362,474, books, blogs, articles, podcasts, CDs (what’s a CD?) DVD

s, and entire films dedicated to accomplishing this. So if you want more info you can google “being your best self” and hop into that delicious feast of info. The one way I personally can help you on that journey is through your hair.

What? My hair? Is that actually important?

Yep, it definitely is.

The difference between looking your best verses mediocre (or your worst, let’s be real) can make a massive difference in your motivation for the day, your thought process, your confidence in the immediate and over all, your mood, and your quality of life.

Think about when you see someone on the street that has their hair done, their makeup done, their clothes look amazing. You automatically think: “They certainly look like they have their life together.” I can almost guarantee they’re not as put together as they seem but they’re trying. Notice how they walk straighter, look a little more serene. Ahh, don’t you just want to be them?!? When you regularly put your best foot forward you’re reaffirming to the universe that you’re awesome. You’re out to crush the day, happily I might add. Bob drank the last of the coffee? Oh well, no big deal. The copier broke again?!? Oh well, who cares.

When you start your day by trying your best and therefore looking your best, you’ve automatically accomplished something that day. You feel good about yourself and suddenly everything good seems great and everything bad “ain’t nothin’ but a thang.”

Enter: Me.

You want a stylist who can give you easy styling lessons. What’s the quickest way to curl my hair? What’s a great style for that second *cough*(third) *cough* day hair? Is there a dry shampoo that won’t make me look oily or suddenly much more gray than I did 5 minutes ago? Also, why does my face look more fat when my hair is down? And does this color wash me out? These are the questions your stylist should be answering for you! If you need styling lessons, she/he should be able to accommodate you. If you need better quality products in your price range (whatever that may be), they should be able to help you.

Know that investing those extra minutes in the morning can help your day immensely. Even if you’re just running errands, do a quick cute pony, a braid, some texture spray. Whatever, just do something. Make yourself look great and feel amazing. I promise you won’t regret it!

If you have questions or concerns I'm here to help! Please comment below and I’ll respond within the next 24 hours. ❤️

“Your hair has a story, let’s make it a beautiful one.”

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