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When I was a Teenager

When I was a teenager,

My mom let me get highlights. I. Was. Stoked.

All I wanted, was to be a blonde. 😍 I was a natural brunette with long hair and I haaaated it. I wanted it to be straight, short, and blonde. And, it was long, brown, and wavy and frizzy and basically everything I didn’t want.

My absolute favorite parts about getting my hair done was the amazing, relaxing, shampoo and the blowout 😍

My hair was silky, straight, and I felt more confident than I ever had. With my newly braces-free teeth and my blonde highlights, I was unstoppable.

And honestly, I still feel that way when I get my hair done. 💁🏼‍♀️ That magic, is exactly what I hope to recreate for you!

What was your fav style when you felt your most confident? Do you still feel that kind of confident today? …cuz you should 😉

See you soon! Xx


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