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Fake it till ya make it!

When did you last use the advice “fake it till you make it?”

That easily could have been my mantra when I started KSHair and even still to this day.

I try to pivot, improve and revise when need be. Change is good, knowing there’s more to learn keeps me humble.

Throwing ideas up on the wall & seeing what sticks is usually my plan, no matter how questionable it may seem sometimes. 🤪

Last month the team and I decided we needed better lighting in our room. So, I headed to Lowes and grabbed two super cute lamps and a brand new light fixture. After a few hours of sweat, pieces of ceiling falling down our shirts and standing on chairs…. We finally decided that maybe giving a professional electrician a call would be our best bet 🤣

I should’ve known because I tell my clients the same thing but…sometimes it’s better to let the pros do their job.

What’s a piece of advice you still use today? Happy Monday! 🎉


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