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5 Tips to being a happy, healthy blondie.

So, if you're a regular blondie in the salon then you know the struggles of being a blonde. The dryness, dullness, brassiness, sometimes even brittle areas. Girl the struggle is so real and I totally hear you!

I have 5 tips to helping your hair be as healthy as possible with or without the best of circumstances. There's a couple of important factors to consider outside of these tips though.

1: Does your colorist regularly re-lighten hair that's already been lightened two to three times? If so, that's really damaging long term and how you end up with damage and breakage.

2: Does your colorist use some kind of bond builder or protectant such as olaplex, redken bond rebuilder, B3, or something along those lines? If you're not sure, ask! For one, you're probably paying for it and two if you're not you definitely need that in your formula.

If your hair isn't being re-lightened over and over and over and your colorist is using a bond builder of some kind then these tips will help you stay much healthier. So without further ado....

1. Deep condition once a week.

This will make a world of difference no matter your lifestyle. If you're super active and you have to shampoo your hair because you workout, hike, or what have you then I would bump that up to two times a week. Don't skimp on quality! I recommend something like Lanza trauma treatment which you can purchase here. Other options include olaplex no. 3, Paul Mitchell color craft conditioner, or a leave in like the Milk_shake leave in conditioner.

2. Use a purple shampoo once or twice a week.

This will solve most (if not all) of your brassy girl problems. The direct color molecules within the shampoo cut down on yellow tones but not orange. Keep that in mind if you're a darker brunette with blonde and you see more orange tones in the mirror verses yellow. If you battle more orange tones in your blonde you need a blue shampoo. The Milk_shake Silver Shine is actually blueberry based so that one would work for you or another option being the Joico Blue shampoo. Most purple shampoos also offer some moisture back into the hair and sometimes other nutrients like fats or carbohydrates. My favorites include the Milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo (which you can purchase here.) The Lanza purple shampoo or the Fanola no yellow purple shampoo, which is my current fav. It's not available for purchase in my store at the moment but stay tuned!

3. Use a styling treatment oil every few days (two to three times a week).

What suffers the most when your super blonde are your ends. The best way to take care of them besides regular trims and deep conditioning religiously is using a styling oil like the Neem Plant Silk Serum (which you can purchase here.), the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi styling treatment oil, or at the very least the Kenra Silkening Gloss. They all smell wonderful, are light so even for you fine haired babes there's an oil for you. I listed them in order of nutrient power so the Kenra one is great, don't get me wrong but it's main function is to add shine with just a hint of moisture. If you have baby fine hair but your ends still tend to get dry from blonding then that would be the best choice for you! If you are a curly blonde you can actually use it about everyday!

4. Speaking of regular trims...trim those ends!

Even if you only nip 1/4"-1/2" every time you need to do it. What's the point of trying to have long hair if it's scraggly and gross feeling? Literally-none. I wouldn't go longer than 8 weeks without a little trim and dusting. If your stylist knows how to go through and do what we call "hair dusting" I would do that as well. That's where your stylist holds a section of hair and nips the ends of your fly-aways as she moves down the hair shaft. This helps keep those hairs healthy and growing, with the end goal being less fly-aways!

5. Lastly, Use a GOOD quality shampoo and conditioner!

This should go without saying but if you don't use a good quality shampoo and conditioner your hair will suffer. You'll have to have more cut off, more quickly. Your hair will be more dry, more dull, the list goes on. I N V E S T in good products. If you think it's expensive now then you'll really think it's expensive later when we're doing treatments, toning, trimming, etc. just to get you back into a healthy realm. Honestly these tips are non negotiable as a regular blonding client unless you want to look nice a crispy like an eggo waffle within a year. :) You can easily order the Lanza Color Preserving shampoo and conditioner or the Lanza Nourish Stimulating shampoo and conditioner. A less expensive option would be the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde shampoo or the Tea Tree Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner. Fun fact- The Lavender Mint Leave in conditioner is a great addition to your arsenal of products as a blonde. You can purchase the box set here.

This is how you live your best, blonde life. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! If I could throw one more tip in there, it would be to wash your hair less often. Try two to three times a week. This allows your natural oils to nourish your scalp and your hair keeping it healthier for longer.

Much love guys, and I hope this helps you with your blondie questions!

For more videos, tips, tricks, and more please check me out on Instagram and Facebook!

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