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So I want to go over a few products I’ve tried in the last month. I did a video about my January favorites if you want to check that out Here. 

The Invisiblewear shampoo. 

  This lightweight shampoo is fantastic because it doubles as a body wash, it smells great, it’s cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free. It’s great for volume and setting the stage for a beautifully undone style. Which I myself, love to rock 99% of the time! It also builds texture, gently cleanses, and has infused velvet flowers to soften the manageability of your stubborn strands. Aren’t you sold yet?! 

The Invisiblewear conditioner. 

Like it’s  shampoo partner it softens manageability, gently conditions, it’s lightweight, paraben free, gluten free, adds glossy shine, builds slight texture, and the smell is again, a soft 10/10 tolerable for just about anyone. You guys, my husband uses it and doesn’t complain about smelling like a girl. 

Sugar Dry Conditioner. 

Did you know there’s such a thing as dry conditioner? Neither did I but hello 👋🏻 it’s amazing. I have curly hair, which means second or third day hair for me is usually quite frizzy and not so cute. The sugar dry conditioner smells guessed it:sugar. Enter: mouthwatering yum. It softens, tames, and detangles in seconds. I use it on my son all of the time because his hair mattes in the back like crazy. This solves my problem in seconds with little to zero complaining from my threenager. It’s a win win for me! Btw, it’s a leave in spray that doesn’t make your hair oily. Even on baby fine hair, literally. 

Sugar spray dry shampoo.

Finally a dry shampoo that makes my hair smell good, conditions it, soaks up the oil and doesn’t make me look all ashy and weird! Whoo hoo! It’s a quick instant refresh without all of that time spent actually shampooing. Do people even shampoo anymore? I mean, pass. (Just kidding! Please buy shampoo from me. 😊)

HEATCTRL iron hairspray. A heatprotectant that sets my style as I do it? Yes please! Lazy millennial here! Sign me up boo. This product locks in style and shine and evens out the heat transfer as you use your styling iron. It reduces frizz and blocks humidity. If you live in the south, this is for you

If you want to see the rest of my skin care/makeup favorites you can check those out here: Favorites

We used the sugar conditioner to soften and smooth her curls! Check out that shine.💜

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