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And then there were three...

So, October 23rd marks three years since I graduated Paul Mitchell the School Huntsville. I also fondly remember that time as one of the brief moments where I didn't want to die while pregnant with my son. 

I'm really proud of myself to be honest. There is a 5% success rate in cosmetology. Did you know that? That's insanely, insanely small. It's because it's hard! You spend anywhere between ten months to well over a year to get this piece of paper that says, "Congratulations! You graduated!" Then you have to take two expensive tests and pray you find a job. After you get all of that done, you spend the next two to five years building a clientele and praying that that works out. Seriously, if I didn't have my faith I would've given up by now. There were weeks, especially the first year and a half, where I just wasn't sure I could pay my rent that week.

It's been such an amazing growing experience for me though. I wouldn't be as dedicated or as trusting in God as I am without all of that struggle. So, I'm actually super grateful for the hard times. I'm not where I want to be yet professionally, but I'm well on my way! 

So, I've really been experimenting this year with a few different things. I did my first perm in two years this year. I also did my first perm on a dude today which was super fun. I've gotten to play with different balayage and highlighting techniques. I've also learned more about creating depth in the hair when balayaging which for a long time was a real struggle for me. That being said: I wanted to give you some tips on keeping that dimensional blonde bright and fresh. First: purchase a clarifying shampoo like this one:

This will reduce product build up, keep your blonde from getting that "dull" look, & keep your scalp and hair from getting oily so easily! 

Second: purchase a purple shampoo like this one: 

This will keep your hair from getting brassy. It reduces yellow tones and smells like blueberries (delish 😍😍). The ashier you want your blonde, the longer you leave it on! You only need to use it once a week or so. 

Third: get your hair toned once a month. So typically you get your hair colored every six to eight weeks. In between appointments get a tone and blowout! It's usually fairly inexpensive, you come out looking like you have fresh color (even though you don't!), and it doesn't take very long! 

I hope these tips help you! Have an awesome day, you guys, and I'll see you in the salon! ❤️ 

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