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Hey Beautiful!

New Guest Services

Your experience begins online when you book your desired services. I will receive your appointment request, and you will receive a confirmation message. *Please note: Some services require a consult, in which case, you'll be contacted by me directly!*

Huntsville Guests: 

We are located in the Main Street South Plaza. Directly across from us is Aerus Electrolux and the spaces on each side of us are unoccupied. We also have a red door and a sign on the front of the building that says The Red Door. There is parking directly out front of the salon, but you're welcome to park anywhere in the parking lot if need be. Once you come in, feel free to sit on any of the main salon area seats!

Athens Guests:

We are located on Kelli drive. You'll pass Cracker Barrel on your right. We are at the very end of the cul-de-sac on the left. We have a circular parking lot directly out in front of the salon. When you walk in, please take a seat, and I will be with you shortly.


​See you soon!

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